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Marimba: Quiz


Question 1: ________: Three Different Keyboards (2001) for accordion, marimba & piano, Exposé (1989) for two marimbas, two violins & piano
ChicagoNational Public RadioUnited StatesWilliam Susman

Question 2: ________: Five Scenes from the Snow Country for Marimba solo (1978)
William WaltonMunichHans Werner HenzeDer Prinz von Homburg (opera)

Question 3: ________: Amores Montuños (2008) for flute & marimba, Marimba Montuño (2002) for solo marimba
National Public RadioWilliam SusmanChicagoUnited States

Question 4: ________: Six Marimbas (1986), Nagoya Marimbas (for two marimbas)(1994)
Philip GlassSteve ReichMinimalist musicTehillim (Reich)

Question 5: Resonators are usually made with holes covered by thin cellophane (similar to the ________) to achieve the characteristic buzzing sound.

Question 6: Zimbabwean marimba based upon Shona music has also become popular in the West, which adopted the original use of these instruments to play transcriptions of ________ dzavadzimu (as well as nyunga nyunga and matepe) music.
DezeHosho (instrument)Erica AzimMbira

Question 7: These are metal tubes (usually ________) that hang below each bar.

Question 8: For two mallets in each hand, the most common grips are the Burton grip (made popular by ________), the Traditional Grip (or "cross grip" used by most professional marimba soloists) and the Musser-Stevens grip (made popular by Leigh Howard Stevens).
JazzGary BurtonChick CoreaGrammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Album, Individual or Group

Question 9: ________: Chamber Music (1982) for Recorder, Marimba and Harpsichord
Josef TalMarc ChagallDaniel BarenboimGyörgy Ligeti

Question 10: Part of the key to the marimba's rich sound is its ________.
ResonatorMaxwell's equationsElectrical networkElectrical impedance


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