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Marilith: Quiz


Question 1: Unhath and Reluhantis: servants of Graz'zt who rule his realm in his absence, listed in ________.
Faiths and PantheonsDungeon Master's GuideDrow of the UnderdarkBook of Vile Darkness

Question 2: Mariliths are based on ________, where gods and demons frequently have multiple heads and arms.
Hindu mythological warsVishnuHindu mythologyTrimurti

Question 3: [1] The name appears to be a portmanteau of Mara and ________.

Question 4: The marilith true tanar'ri also appeared for the ________ campaign setting in the first Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix (1994).
Dungeons & Dragons campaign settingsDungeons & DragonsPlanescapeForgotten Realms

Question 5: Yxunomei: middle boss - Found in the game ________ in the deep bowels of Dragon's Eye.
Fallout (video game)Icewind DalePlanescape: TormentBaldur's Gate

Question 6: Mariliths are the generals and coordinators of the ________ (though given the chaotic nature of tanar'ri, it is not usually possible to coordinate their activities, mariliths are charged with it, nonetheless).
BaatorBlood WarAbyss (Dungeons & Dragons)Outer Plane

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