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Mariko Yashida: Quiz


Question 1: Mariko appears in the ________ episode "Code of Conduct" voiced by Gwendoline Yeo.
Sabretooth (comics)X-Men Origins: WolverineX-23Wolverine and the X-Men

Question 2: Mariko is poisoned with tetrodotoxin from a ________ by an assassin named Reiko, in the hire of her rival Matsu'o Tsurayaba.

Question 3: Upon her father's death, she becomes head (Oyabun) of his ________ crime family, Clan Yashida.

Question 4: She has a relationship with one reality's version of Spider-Woman, ________.
Mary Jane WatsonSpider-ManSpider-Man (film series)Doctor Octopus

Question 5: Sunfire's open homosexuality has attracted some interest after ________ in issue #11.
Coming outHeterosexismLGBTCloseted

Question 6: In the "________" timeline, Mariko was a member of the Human High Council, a group of humans that opposed Apocalypse's tyrannical rule.
X-MenHouse of MDecimation (comics)Age of Apocalypse

Question 7: She meets the X-Men when they return from a sojourn in the ________ and are asked to help Japan, which is being blackmailed by the terrorist Moses Magnum.
Savage LandIceman (comics)Wolverine (comics)Stan Lee

Question 8: She's depicted as Logan's former love and the wife of the ________.
Marrow (comics)Karma (comics)Wolverine (comics)Silver Samurai

Question 9: This version was created by ________ and Mike McKone.
SupermanPedro ZamoraJudd WinickDC Comics

Question 10: While not engaged to Logan, Mariko was his former lover and she birthed him a daughter, Kirika, who is an amalgam of ________ and her 616 daughter Amiko Kobayashi.
Weapon XX-23Sabretooth (comics)Wolverine (comics)

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