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Marie de' Medici cycle: Quiz


Question 1: ________ is meant to be the King's celestial counterpart, while Saturn, who represents finite time, is an indication of the end of Henry's mortal existence.
Ganymede (moon)Callisto (moon)Io (moon)Jupiter

Question 2: Originally the paintings were hung clockwise in chronological order, decorating the walls of a waiting room expanding from a royal apartment in Marie de' Medici's ________.
Louvre PalacePalais-RoyalLuxembourg PalaceChâteau de Choisy

Question 3: After negotiating the terms of the contract in early 1622, the project was to be completed within two years, coinciding with the marriage of Marie's daughter, ________.
Christine Marie of FranceHenrietta Maria of FranceLouis XIII of FranceElisabeth of France (1602–1644)

Question 4: [93] Louis guides, while the ship's actual movement is due to the four rowing figures, personifying Force, Religion, ________, and Concord.
UtilitarianismDeontological ethicsPolitical philosophyJustice

Question 5: The Marie de' Medici Cycle is a series of twenty-one paintings by Peter Paul Rubens commissioned by Marie de' Medici, wife of ________, for the Luxembourg Palace in Paris.
Louis XIII of FranceHenry IV of FranceLouis XIV of FranceHouse of Bourbon

Question 6: [1] Rubens, then court painter to the ________ under Vincenzo I Gonzaga[7], had first met Marie at her proxy wedding in Florence in 1600.
Duchy of MilanBishopric of TrentDuchy of MantuaKingdom of Italy (medieval)

Question 7: Though originally intended to be displayed on the East Wall of the gallery in Marie's Luxembourg Palace in Paris, "The Council of the Gods" is now housed at the ________.
Louvre PalaceLouvreTuileries PalacePavillon de Flore

Question 8: By representing Marie as Juno, implying Henry as ________, the king is seen domesticated by marriage.
JupiterGanymede (moon)Callisto (moon)Io (moon)

Question 9: [48] The scene takes place below a marble statue, which depicts ________ mourning over the dead body of Christ, alluding to the Pieta sculpture by Baccio Bandinelli (1493–1560).
Biblical canonGod the FatherHoly SpiritJesus

Question 10: The last painting in the cycle, The Triumph of Truth, is a purely allegorical depiction of King ________ and his mother, the Queen, reconciling before heaven.
Henry IV of FranceLouis XIII of FranceLouis XIV of FranceHouse of Bourbon


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