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Marian doctrines of the Catholic Church: Quiz


Question 1: Nestorius' opponents, led by ________, viewed this as dividing Jesus into two distinct persons, the human who was Son of Mary, and the divine who was not.
Cyril of AlexandriaJohn ChrysostomAthanasius of AlexandriaBasil of Caesarea

Question 2: Papal teaching begin to mention this aspect in official Church documents during the pontificate of ________ [36] Saint Pius stated in his encyclical Ad Diem Illum: ...
Pope Pius XPope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IIPope Pius IX

Question 3: Again, in the ________ book of John [25] Jesus, from the cross gives the Apostle John to Mary as her son, and gives Mary to John as his mother.
GospelNew TestamentBibleBiblical canon

Question 4: The ________ is one basis for the 1950 dogma.
Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Ineffabilis DeusRoman Catholic MariologyImmaculate Conception

Question 5: The competing view, advocated by Patriarch ________ of Constantinople, was that Mary should be called Christotokos, meaning "Birth-giver of Christ," to restrict her role to the mother of Christ's humanity only and not his divine nature.
NestoriusNestorian SchismOriental OrthodoxyNestorianism

Question 6: The Marian doctrines of the Catholic Church have their foundation in the central teaching of the Council of Ephesus that the ________ is the Mother of God.
Saint JosephJesusBiblical MagiMary (mother of Jesus)

Question 7: While Pope ________ deliberately left open the question of whether Mary died before her Assumption but the more common teaching of the early Fathers is that she did.
Pope Paul VIPope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IIPope Pius XII

Question 8: The definition Mother of God (in Greek:Theotokos,) was formally affirmed at the Third Ecumenical Council held at ________ in 431.

Question 9: General articles
Overview of MariologyVeneration of the Blessed VirginHistory of MariologyMariology of the saints________Encyclicals & Apostolic LettersMarian Movements & Societies
Marian doctrines of the Catholic ChurchMariology of the popesHistory of the Catholic ChurchLouis de Montfort

Question 10: ________
EnglandItalyUnited StatesAnglican—Roman Catholic International Commission


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