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Marian devotions: Quiz


Question 1: [12][13] In the mid 20th century, the United States "Scapular Magazine" helped enroll one million Americans to pray the Rosary based on the ________ messages.
Our Lady of LourdesHistory of the Catholic ChurchPope John Paul IIOur Lady of Fátima

Question 2: The ________ continues to be one of the main Marian devotions among Roman Catholics.
Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)RosaryRoman Catholic MariologyImmaculate Conception

Question 3: Popular Roman Catholic devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary include the ________, the Seven Sorrows of Mary and the Seven Joys of Mary.
Immaculate Heart of MaryBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Marian doctrines of the Catholic ChurchRoman Catholic Mariology

Question 4: Catholics and Orthodox note that this is not the ________ that is due to God alone,[19] but merely veneration;[20] however, Protestants do not accept that argument.

Question 5: A Marian litany is a form of prayer to the ________ used in church services and processions, and consisting of a number of petitions.
Blessed Virgin MaryJesusSaint StephenBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)

Question 6: Protestants also feel that many of the Catholic and Orthodox traditions about Mary are not found in the ________, and therefore should be rejected.
Biblical canonNevi'imBibleChristianity and Judaism

Question 7: Marian devotions are highly prominent within the ________ tradition.
Pope Gregory IPope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPope

Question 8: The Scapular, along with the Rosary, has become a key ________ Sacramental for Marian devotions.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPope Gregory IPope

Question 9: One title of the Virgin Mary, Theotokos ("the one who gave birth to God"), is very important in ________.
TrinityEastern Orthodox Christian theologyGreat LentOrthodox Church

Question 10: Devotion to Mary is very strong in the Orthodox Church, and she is mentioned numerous times in all of the Divine Services and the ________.
John ChrysostomEastern Catholic ChurchesEastern ChristianityDivine Liturgy


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