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Question 1: This execution was one of the many ________ committed in 1941.
Katyn massacreNKVD prisoner massacresGulagKiev

Question 2: This was something she wanted to have repeated upon the Peter and Paul Fortress in ________, but her wishes for this came to no avail.
RussiaMoscowSaint PetersburgLeningrad Oblast

Question 3: According to Emma Goldman, the anarchist, who secretly met Spiridonova in July 1920, she was also tortured by being taken out at night and informed that she was to be shot on a spot - a favored method of the ________ at that time.
Vladimir LeninChekaKGBNKVD

Question 4: Following the ________ of 1917 Spiridinova was released from custody in an amnesty and had her followers use dynamite to destroy the prison she had been kept in - the Chuti prison.
February RevolutionVladimir LeninRussian Revolution (1917)Russian Provisional Government

Question 5: Louise Bryant, the ________ writer and wife of John Reed, met her as well.
FeminismGender equalityWomen's rightsWomen's suffrage

Question 6: Luzhenovsky who had ordered the brutal police suppression of a peasant uprising during ________.
1905 Russian RevolutionNicholas II of RussiaRussian Revolution (1917)Russian Empire

Question 7: Sections of Russian society aired their indignation at her cruel treatment, and with the help of admiring popular support, she was spared the ________ and instead was sent to prison in exile.
Religion and capital punishmentTortureCapital punishmentStoning

Question 8: The LSR opposed the ________ and broke with the Bolsheviks over this issue, as well as being critical in regard to Bolshevik views on the future of peasant ownership and use of land in the rural areas.
Eastern Front (World War I)World War ITreaty of SèvresTreaty of Brest-Litovsk

Question 9: My Disillusionment in Russia. Maria Spiridonova by ________
AnarchismLibertarian socialismAlexander BerkmanEmma Goldman

Question 10: She joined the ________ during her training to become a nurse.
Kyiv Bilshovyk UprisingRussian Social Democratic Labour PartyTsentralna RadaSocialist-Revolutionary Party

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