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Question 1: Political parties often face tension between the holders of marginal seats and ________.
GerrymanderingBy-electionSafe seatApportionment (politics)

Question 2: Again, resources are concentrated towards the ________ with the smallest majorities.
HawaiiSwing stateIndianaElectoral College (United States)

Question 3: A marginal seat, or swing seat, is a constituency held with a particularly small majority in a legislative ________, generally conducted under a single-winner voting system.
GerrymanderingReferendumElectionElectoral reform

Question 4: The creation of policy that will benefit a particular seat, while costing all taxpayers is known as ________.
United StatesUnited States CongressPork barrelMassachusetts

Question 5: A similar phenomenon happens in ________, where the Electoral College system means that candidates must win states rather than votes.
United States presidential nominating conventionElectoral vote changes between United States presidential electionsUnited States presidential electionDemocratic Party (United States)


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