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Margaret I of Denmark: Quiz


Question 1: The English side wanted these weddings to seal an offensive alliance between the Nordic Kingdoms and England, which could have led to the involvement of the Nordic union on the English side in the ongoing Hundred Years' War against ________.
United KingdomItalyFranceCanada

Question 2: She married, at the age of ten, King Haakon VI of Norway, who was the younger and only surviving son to ________, Magnus II of Sweden.
Eric of PomeraniaMagnus IV of SwedenChristian I of DenmarkChristopher of Bavaria

Question 3: By this compact, moreover, the chronically rebellious Jutish Nobility lost the support they had hitherto always found in ________.

Question 4: Margaret died suddenly on board her ship in ________ Harbor on 28 October 1412.

Question 5: Margaret balked at the clauses which insisted that each country should retain exclusive possession of its own laws and customs and be administered by its own dignitaries, as tending in her opinion to prevent the complete amalgamation of ________.
Nordic countriesDenmark‚ÄďNorwayScandinaviaSweden

Question 6: Margaret was born in Vordingborg Castle, the daughter of ________ and Helvig of S√łnderjylland.
Valdemar IV of DenmarkMargaret I of DenmarkChristian II of DenmarkChristopher II of Denmark

Question 7: In 1389, she proclaimed her great-nephew, ________ (grandson of Henry of Mecklenburg), king of Norway.
Eric of PomeraniaChristian I of DenmarkChristopher of BavariaMargaret I of Denmark

Question 8: Margaret, free from all fear of domestic sedition, could now give her undivided attention to ________, where the mutinous nobles were already in arms against their unpopular King, Albert of Mecklenburg.

Question 9: She purchased the island of ________ from its actual possessors, Albert of Mecklenburg and the Livonian Order, and the greater part of Schleswig was regained in the same way.
SaaremaaBaltic SeaGotland√Ėland

Question 10: On 26 October 1406, King Eric married the 13-year-old Philippa, daughter of Henry IV of England and Mary de Bohun, at ________.

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