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Marcus Licinius Crassus: Quiz


Question 1:
Where was Marcus Licinius Crassus born?

Question 2: Professor Dubs claimed that the Legionaries had survived the battle, and possibly fearing retribution for their defeat, made their way eastward, working as a ________ group, both fighting for and training militaries in the region.
Private military companyMercenaryZimbabweAngolan Civil War

Question 3:
When is Marcus Licinius Crassus's birthday?
115 BC
c. 525 BC/524 BC
428 BC
367 BC

Question 4: Finally, Crassus was sent into battle against ________ by the Senate.
Third Servile WarSpartacusRoman RepublicMarcus Licinius Crassus

Question 5:
When did Marcus Licinius Crassus die?
53 BC

Question 6:
What office has Marcus Licinius Crassus held?
Member of the Illinois House of Representatives from the 7th district
Minister of Mu0101ori Affairs
Consul of the Roman Republic
Senator for South Shore, Nova Scotia

Question 7: 87 BC - Crassus flees to ________ from Marian forces
HispaniaRoman BritainLusitaniaGallaecia

Question 8:
When did Marcus Licinius Crassus's term start?
70 BC, 55 BC

Question 9: [8] This allegedly occurred when an army of the ________, led by General Chen Tang, won a victory at the Battle of Zhizhi in 36 BC.
Han DynastyTang DynastyMing DynastySong Dynasty

Question 10:
Who is Marcus Licinius Crassus's spouse?
Judith A. Hagerthy
1) Mary Conover Brown
Allison Benge


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