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Marcus Cole: Quiz


Question 1: Marcus Cole, played by Jason Carter, is a fictional character in the universe of the science-fiction television series ________.
Babylon 5: The GatheringCrusade (TV series)Babylon 5: The Lost TalesBabylon 5

Question 2: He is a virgin, which raises the eyebrows of Commander ________; she does not learn until it is too late that one reason he has remained a virgin is because he loves her and is waiting to win her heart.
Byron (Babylon 5)Susan IvanovaBabylon 5 influencesBabylon 5

Question 3: Defending ________ during her transition to become "Ranger One", Cole engaged Neroon in a fierce one-on-one battle.
MinbariBabylon 5Babylon 5: In the BeginningDelenn

Question 4: During his time on the series he was a leading member of the Rangers, a military force consisting of Humans and Minbari who served the "One", a triumvirate consisting of Jeffrey Sinclair / Valen, ________, and John Sheridan.
Babylon 5: In the BeginningDelennDukhatBabylon 5 influences


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