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Question 1:
What period does the fossils of the Marchantiophyta come from?
Early Ludlow, - Early Devonian
Mid to Upper Triassic
Silurian - Early Devonian
Mid-Devonian to recent

Question 2: It is estimated that there are 6000 to 8000 species of liverworts, though when ________ regions are better studied this number may approach 10,000.
Deserts and xeric shrublandsNicaraguaNeotropic ecozoneDominican Republic

Question 3: [11] Cells in a typical liverwort plant each contain only a single set of genetic information, so the plant's cells are ________ for the majority of its life cycle.

Question 4: [33] In ________, the word liverwort literally means liver plant.
Middle High GermanMiddle EnglishOld EnglishGreat Vowel Shift

Question 5: [11] The overall physical similarity of some mosses and leafy liverworts means that confirmation of the identification of some groups can be performed with certainty only with the aid of ________ or an experienced bryologist.
Mass spectrometryMicroscopyAnalytical chemistrySpectroscopy

Question 6: [23] These fossils resemble modern species in the ________.

Question 7: The spore-producing cells will undergo ________ to form haploid spores to disperse, upon which point the life cycle can start again.
ChromosomeMeiosisCell cycleMitosis

Question 8: Traditionally, the liverworts were grouped together with other bryophytes (mosses and ________) in the Division Bryophyta, within which the liverworts made up the class Hepaticae (also called Marchantiopsida).
PlantFernFlowering plantHornwort

Question 9: In ancient times, it was believed that liverworts cured diseases of the ________, hence the name.
LiverPancreasImmune systemEndocrine system

Question 10: The life of a liverwort starts from the germination of a haploid ________ to produce a protonema, which is either a mass of thread-like filaments or else a flattened thallus.
FernSporeCell wallPlant

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