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March on Rome: Quiz


Question 1: On October 26, former prime minister Antonio Salandra warned current ________ Luigi Facta that Mussolini was demanding his resignation and that he was preparing to march on Rome.
Gordon BrownAngela MerkelSilvio BerlusconiPrime minister

Question 2: Out of his "Fascist" party the "________" (Squadristi) were formed.
Black BrigadesBlackshirtsFascismClerical fascism

Question 3: To meet the threat posed by the bands of fascist troops now gathering outside Rome, Luigi Facta (who had resigned but continued to hold power) ordered a ________ for Rome.
State of emergencySyriaPhilippinesUnited States

Question 4: Many business and financial leaders believed it would be possible to manipulate Mussolini, whose early speeches and policies emphasized the ________ and laissez faire economics.
Friedrich von HayekFree marketAnarcho-capitalismLibertarianism

Question 5: In August 1920, the Blackshirts were used to break the general strike which had started at the ________ factory in Milan.
LanciaMaseratiAlfa RomeoFerrari

Question 6: In March 1919, ________ founded the first "Italian Combat League" (Fasci Italiani di Combattimento) at the beginning of the "two red years" (biennio rosso).
FascismBenito MussoliniAxis powersItalian Fascism

Question 7: The fascists, included on ________'s "National Union" lists at the May 1921 elections, then won 36 seats.
Francesco CrispiBenito MussoliniGiovanni GiolittiAgostino Depretis


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