March 18: Quiz


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Question 1: 1229________ declares himself King of Jerusalem during the Sixth Crusade.
Frederick I, Holy Roman EmperorHenry IV, Holy Roman EmperorHenry VI, Holy Roman EmperorFrederick II, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 2: 1975 – ________, Finnish hockey player
Jason ArnottKimmo TimonenOlli JokinenSami Kapanen

Question 3: 1782________, 7th Vice President of the United States (d.
James BuchananMartin Van BurenJohn C. CalhounLewis Cass

Question 4: ________Giuseppe Genco Russo, Sicilian mafioso (b.

Question 5: ________Mark Donohue, American race car driver (d.

Question 6: ________William C. Durant, American automobile pioneer (b.

Question 7: ________Lauritz Melchior, Danish-born American opera singer (b.

Question 8: 1438________ becomes Holy Roman Emperor.
Ferdinand I, Holy Roman EmperorAlbert II of GermanyJoseph II, Holy Roman EmperorSigismund, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 9: 1928 – Fidel V. Ramos, 12th ________
Foreign relations of the PhilippinesPresident of the PhilippinesPolitics of the PhilippinesSenate of the Philippines

Question 10: ________Luc Besson, French producer, writer, and director

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