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Marble sculpture: Quiz


Question 1: For severe environments, ________ is a more lasting material but one which is far more difficult to work and much less suitable for refined works such as those shown here.
FelsicIgneous rockGraniteBasalt

Question 2: Marble sculpture is the ________ of creating three-dimensional forms from marble.

Question 3: For comparison see some of the examples in the article concerning ________ (especially the sculpture Jeté) for the ease with which action and extension may be expressed.
Casting (metalworking)Investment castingBronze sculptureSand casting

Question 4: Among the commonly available stones only marble has a slight surface translucency that is comparable to that of human ________.
LeatherTanningSkinHuman skin

Question 5: Preference to the cheaper and less translucent ________ is based largely on the fineness of marble's grain, which enables the sculptor to render minute detail in a manner not always possible with limestone; it is also more weather resistant.
Carbonate rockKarst topographyLimestoneSedimentary rock

Question 6: Compared to metals such as ________, marble lacks ductility and strength, requiring special structural considerations when planning a sculpture.

Question 7: The original source of the parent limestone is the seabed deposition ________ in the form of microscopic animal skeletons or similar materials.
Calcium hydroxideCalcium silicateCalcium oxideCalcium carbonate

Question 8: While more resistant than limestone it is subject to attack by weak acids, and so performs poorly in outdoor environments subject to ________.
Water pollutionPollutionAir pollutionAcid rain


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