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Marathon Trilogy: Quiz


Question 1: In Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity, the player can swim in four different types of media: water, sewage, lava and ________/plasma; the latter two are damaging to health.
Acid dissociation constantAcidAcid–base reactionOxygen

Question 2: Its existence is hinted at in the storyline of ________, and its release from Lh'owon's star becomes a major plot point during Marathon Infinity.
Marathon 2: DurandalHalo 3Halo: Combat EvolvedMarathon Trilogy

Question 3: The Jjaro are said to have left the ________ galaxy if not the universe millions of years before 2811, leaving behind technological artifacts on many worlds.
Virgo SuperclusterGalactic CenterLocal GroupMilky Way

Question 4: He does not mention what information he is looking for, although he does let it slip that the Pfhor are planning to attack ________, and that being on Lh'owon may stall their advance.

Question 5: Marathon 2 was re-released in an updated form as Marathon: Durandal for the ________'s Xbox Live Arcade on August 1, 2007.
Xbox 360 launchMicrosoft Game StudiosXbox 360Xbox 360 hardware

Question 6: The ________ has an inventory, health and oxygen bars, and a motion sensor.
Global Positioning SystemHead-up displayHeadlampAirbag

Question 7: In 2005, Bungie released the full original Mac OS trilogy for free distribution online [1], allowing Aleph One to run the games in the trilogy on any of the supported platforms (Mac OS, ________ and Windows).
SCO-Linux controversiesLinuxGNUOpenSolaris

Question 8: Marathon was first released for the ________ in 1994 and introduced many concepts now common in mainstream video games.
PowerBookMacintoshMacintosh hardwarePower Macintosh G3

Question 9: In January 2000, Bungie released the Marathon 2: Durandal source code under the ________ license.
GNU Lesser General Public LicenseGNU General Public LicenseGNOMEFree Software Foundation

Question 10: As he fights against the invaders, he witnesses interactions among the three shipboard ________ (Leela, Durandal and Tycho), and discovers that all is not as it seems aboard the Marathon.
Daniel DennettArtificial intelligenceRené DescartesKarl Popper

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