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Question 1:
Who of the following spoke at the Marathi language?
10-16 million native speakers and maybe 500,000 second language speakers.
70 million native, 20 million second language
20 second-language speakers, effectively extinct
450,000 native speakers, 200,000 second-language users

Question 2: The name of this language correctly suggests that its origins lie with the Samavedi ________ native to this region.
BhumiharBrahminBiharUttar Pradesh

Question 3:

Question 4: In Marathi, the retroflex lateral approximant (IPA: [ɭ]) is common, while in the Varhadii dialect, it corresponds to the palatal ________ y (IPA: [j]), making this dialect quite distinct.
Flap consonantConsonantApproximant consonantFricative consonant

Question 5: Taptayngi, Varlyangi, Khallyangi, Baglani, Nandurbari, Ghatoi, Dhakani, Jamneri are territorial dailects of ________.
Khandeshi languagesHindustani languageMarathi languageKonkani language

Question 6: Marathi is an official language of the Indian state of Maharashtra, and a co-official language or used for official purposes in ________, union territory of Daman and Diu[4] and Dadra Nagar haveli.
MumbaiGoaDadra and Nagar HaveliMangalore

Question 7: An unusual feature of Marathi, as compared to other Indo-European languages, is that it displays the inclusive and exclusive we feature, common to the ________ languages, Dravidian languages, Rajasthani, and Gujarati.
Mayan languagesAustronesian languagesSino-Tibetan languagesHmong-Mien languages

Question 8: Dnyaneshwar gave a higher status to Marathi by bringing the sacred ________ from Sanskrit to Marathi.
Bhagavad GitaVyadha GitaKrishnaMahabharata

Question 9: However it is believed that Marathi is actually a language combining the old Dravidian vernacular of the region which would have been close to ________ and Telugu and the actual Maharashtri Prakrit and Sanskrit[citation needed].
Kannada languageTelugu languageMalayalamTamil language

Question 10: Adapting and bending the words from ________ and Gujarati, Ahirani has created its own words which are not found in these languages.
Punjabi languageSanskritHindiHindustani language


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