Maratha: Quiz

Question 1: At its peak, the Maratha Empire established a protectorate over the Mughal emperor and paramountcy over the numerous Rajput chieftains of ________, Rajasthan, Central India and elsewhere.

Question 2: The ________ regiment of the Indian Army is one of the oldest and most influential regiments.
Jat RegimentMaratha Light InfantryRajputana Rifles11 Gorkha Rifles

Question 3:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Maratha?

Question 4: Marathas have dominated the state politics of ________ since its inception in 1960.
PuneMumbaiMaharashtraMarathi people

Question 5: The first Chief Minister of ________ was a Maratha (Yashwantrao Chavan).
MumbaiPuneMarathi peopleMaharashtra

Question 6: ________, current agriculture minister of India
Indian National CongressUnited Progressive AllianceSharad PawarManmohan Singh

Question 7: ________, (Shivaji Rao Gaekwad), one of the most influential movie stars in Indian cinema.
Rajinikanth filmographyVikram KennedyKamal HaasanRajinikanth

Question 8: Since then, ________ has witnessed heavy presence of Maratha ministers or officials (which comprises 25% of the state) in the Maharashtra state government, local municipal commissions, and panchayats.
MaharashtraPuneMarathi peopleMumbai

Question 9: Different Maratha (also called as Rastriks or Maha-rathis or Mahrattas) rulers during Medieval period (before 12th century) include Satavahana and ________.
Western Chalukya EmpireRashtrakuta DynastyChalukya dynastyWestern Ganga Dynasty

Question 10: At times, Maratha and Kunbi have claimed ________ standing, based on clan names linking them with Rajput clans and historical medieval dynasties.

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