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Question 1: Maras have been described as resembling long-legged ________.
European HareEuropean RabbitRabbitSnowshoe Hare

Question 2: These large relatives of ________ are common in the Patagonian steppes of Argentina but live in other areas of South America as well such as Paraguay.
CapybaraCatGuinea pigChacoan Mara

Question 3: Patagonian Cavy at the Wildlife Ranch in ________.
Fort Worth, TexasAustin, TexasDallasSan Antonio

Question 4: If they spot danger, the young rush below ground into a burrow (usually dug by a ________), and the adults are left to run for it.
Neotropic ecozoneAmerican RobinBurrowing OwlCoyote

Question 5: Maras are the fourth largest rodent in the world, after capybaras, ________, and porcupines, reaching about 45 cm (18 in) in height.
European BeaverNorth American BeaverBeaverGerman language

Question 6: Patagonian Maras are often kept in ________ or as pets and is also known as "Patagonian cavy" or "Patagonian hare".
MenagerieBristol ZooLondon ZooZoo

Question 7: The maras (Dolichotis) are a ________ of the cavy family.
LifeSpeciesBiological classificationGenus

Question 8: A pair of Patagonian Cavies at the Melbourne Zoo, ________.
SydneyMelbourne City CentreMelbourneDarwin, Northern Territory


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