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Question 1:
What was Mara Conchita Alonso's birth name?
Maru00EDa Gabriela Villalba Jervis
Eva Maru00EDa Amaral Lallana
Maru00EDa Eugenia Suu00E1rez Riveiro
Maru00EDa Concepciu00F3n Alonso Bustillo

Question 2:
On what date was Mara Conchita Alonso born?

Question 3: María Conchita Alonso (born June 29, 1957), better known as María Conchita, is a ________-nominated Cuban-born Venezuelan singer and actress.
TEC AwardsGrammy AwardMusic industryLatin Grammy Awards

Question 4:
How is Mara Conchita Alonso described?
Singer, actress
American football player
german-turkish writer and journalist
American author and television presenter

Question 5:
What years was Mara Conchita Alonso active?
1930s – 1940s, 1960s – 1970s
1970s-1989, 2001 - present
1970s – Present

Question 6:
Where was Mara Conchita Alonso born?

Question 7:
What is Mara Conchita Alonso also known as?
Carrey, James Eugene
u00C6thelbeald; Athelbald; Ethelbald
Bustillo, Maru00EDa Concepciu00F3n Alonso
Madden, Michael Joseph

Question 8:
Which of the following instruments does Mara Conchita Alonso play?

Question 9: Maria Conchita Alonso at the ________
CDNOWBox Office MojoInternet Movie

Question 10: Alonso also acted in romantic comedies ________ (2003) and The Last Guy on Earth (2006) (post production).
Spanish languageChasing PapiUnivisionLos Angeles


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