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Question 1: Photographs of Earth (such as those from the ________) give this perspective.
Space habitatTreadmill with Vibration Isolation SystemMirInternational Space Station

Question 2: G.Projector, free software by can render many projections (________ GISS).
Human spaceflightSpace RaceNASASpace exploration

Question 3: Mercator - ________ are represented by straight segments
Map projectionRhumb lineLatitudeStereographic projection

Question 4: ________History of cartographyList of cartographers
AsiaEarly world mapsEuropeContinent

Question 5: Map projections are necessary for creating ________.
Global Positioning SystemNavigationCartographyMap

Question 6: This is equivalent to preservation of angles, the defining characteristic of a ________.
Stereographic projectionMöbius transformationRiemann sphereConformal map

Question 7: The ellipsoidal model is commonly used to construct ________ and for other large and medium scale maps that need to accurately depict the land surface.
CartographyGeologic mapTopographyTopographic map

Question 8: Photographs of Earth from far enough away, such as the ________, give this perspective.
Io (moon)MoonMercury (planet)Ganymede (moon)

Question 9: ________'s Theorema Egregium proved that a sphere cannot be represented on a plane without distortion.
Benjamin FranklinIsaac NewtonJean le Rond d'AlembertCarl Friedrich Gauss

Question 10: A map projection is any method of representing the ________ of a sphere or other shape on a plane.
Riemann surfaceSurfaceTopological manifoldAlgebraic geometry

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