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Question 1: From 1962 onwards, the challenge to the Soviet hegemony in the ________ made by the CPC resulted in various divisions in communist parties around the world.
CominternMarxismCommunismHistory of communism

Question 2: One consequence of this is that groups outside China which describe themselves as Maoist generally regard China as having repudiated Maoism and restored ________, and there is a wide perception both in and out of China that China has abandoned Maoism.
Anarcho-capitalismCapitalismLaissez-faireKeynesian economics

Question 3: Deng also separated Mao from Maoism, making it clear that Mao was fallible and hence that the truth of Maoism comes from observing social consequences rather than by using Mao's quotations as ________, as was done in Mao's lifetime.
BuddhismHinduismReligionReligious text

Question 4: In the United States, the ________, especially Huey Newton, was profoundly influenced by Maoist thought.
Bobby SealeBlack Panther PartyAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)Black Power

Question 5: It asserts that class struggle continues even if the proletariat has already overthrown the ________, and there are capitalist restorationist elements within the Communist Party itself.
Social classRuling classBourgeoisieWorking class

Question 6: The Communist Party of Kampuchea (Cambodia), better known as the "________", identified strongly with Maoism, and is generally labeled a "Maoist" movement today[7][8].
Pol PotKhmer RougeKang Kek IewSon Sen

Question 7: The ideology survives in name today on the Communist Party's Constitution; it is described as the guiding thought that created "new China" and a revolutionary concept against imperialism and ________.

Question 8: The Communist Party now says that Maoism was necessary to break China free from its feudal past, but that the actions of Mao are seen to have led to excesses during the ________.
Mao ZedongZhou EnlaiCultural RevolutionDeng Xiaoping

Question 9: The ________ (MIM) was founded in 1983 and largely dissolved by 2009.
Maoist Internationalist MovementRevolutionary Communist Party, USAMaoismMao Zedong

Question 10: So did many of the mainstream (non-splinter group) communist parties in South-East Asia, like the ________, Communist Party of Thailand, and Communist Party of Indonesia.
Communist Party of AustriaCommunist Party of ChinaCommunist Party of BurmaJapanese Communist Party


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