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Manx people: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following awards has Samantha Barks won?
Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, 3rd Class
First place, Lu2019Association Pour le Promotion Artistique Francais.
I'd Do Anything, 3rd place
* 21st place in MVP Voting, 1945 AL

Question 2:
When did Maurice Gibb die?

Question 3:
What years was Barry Gibb active?
1995 - present

Question 4: Manx people living in the UK were commonly grouped by the 2001 census under "________".
White Latin AmericanWhite peopleWhite BritishEuropean American

Question 5:
On what date was Robin Gibb born?

Question 6: ________, the usual form of English used in the Isle of Man, especially for formal purposes.
British EnglishCanadian EnglishEnglish languageAmerican English

Question 7: The Manx (Manx: Manninagh) are an ethnic group coming from the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea in northern ________.
Eastern EuropeBalkansEuropeWestern Europe

Question 8: The Isle of Man has had a complicated relationship with the United Kingdom over the years - it is technically neither part of the UK, nor the ________, but is a Crown Dependency.
European ParliamentGermanyEuropean UnionDenmark

Question 9: While this has had beneficial effects on the Manx economy, it has had its detractors, who have pointed to negative aspects such as ________.
Bank secrecyMoney launderingOffshore bankClearstream

Question 10: The Isle of Man is part of the ________, which means there are no immigration controls on travel to and from the UK and Republic of Ireland.
Northern IrelandCommon Travel AreaEnglandUnited Kingdom


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