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Question 1: Eventually it takes 14 Manus and their respective Manvantaras to create a Kalpa, ________, or a ‘Day of Brahma’, according to the Hindu Time Cycles and also the Vedic timeline.

Question 2: Jyotirdhama, ________, Kavya, Chaitra, Agni, Vanaka, and Pivara.

Question 3: Saptarshis (सप्तर्षि): Marichi, ________, Angiras, Pulaha, Kratu, Pulastya, and Vashishtha [2][8].
JamadagniKashyapaAtriGautama Maharishi

Question 4: Manvantara or Manuvantara [1], or age of a Manu [2], the ________ progenitor of mankind, is an astronomical period of time measurement.
HinduRamaVaishnavismHinduism in India

Question 5: After that the creator, ________ starts his cycle of creation all over again, in an endless cycle of creation followed by Destruction for which Shiva, Hindu God of destruction, and also renewal, is invoked towards the end of each such cycle [5].

Question 6: Manvantara is a ________ sandhi, a combination of words manu and antara, manu-antara or manvantara, literally meaning the duration of a Manu, or his life span [3].

Question 7: Kashyapa, ________, Vashishtha, Vishvamitra, Gautama, Jamadagni, Bharadvaja [8].

Question 8: Thereafter, at the end of each Kalpa, there is a period of dissolution or Pralaya [4], wherein the world is destroyed and it is lies in a state of rest, during a period called the, ‘Night of ________’.

Question 9: Each Manvantara is created and ruled by a specific Manu, who in turn is created by ________, the Creator himself.

Question 10: Hirannyaroma, Vedasrí, Urddhabahu, Vedabahu, Sudhaman, ________, and Mahámuni.
KashyapaGautama MaharishiParjanyaJamadagni


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