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Manuscript culture: Quiz


Question 1: Scribes were right to correct texts with different dialects of ________, especially if they were using archaic forms of Latin verbs, however.
Roman EmpireOld LatinLatinVulgar Latin

Question 2: [15] Both kinds of booksellers had to guarantee their compliance to their oath by posting a bond of 100 ________.
Anglo-SaxonsPound sterlingPennyUnited Kingdom

Question 3: Many illuminators continued to work on various manuscripts, specifically the ________.
Book of hoursLiturgical yearBreviaryCanonical hours

Question 4: Trimethius protested the invasion of the ________ by the printed book because of the missing aspect of devotion that had been present in preaching with ones' hands.
LibraryIslamic Golden AgeItalyAbbasid Caliphate

Question 5: In the 13th century, ________ was the first place to have large commercial trade of manuscripts, with manuscript-book producers being commissioned to make specific books for specific people.
ParisVersaillesÉvry, EssonneMarseille

Question 6: Her work was based on ________'s, and many Ovidian myths were traditionally illuminated, in the medieval period.
HeroidesOvidMetamorphosesRoman Empire

Question 7: The Early Age of manuscript culture consisted of monks copying mostly religious text in ________.
MonasteryMonasticismOrthodox ChurchChristian monasticism

Question 8: Additionally, university regulations forbade parchmenters from hiding the good ________ from university members wanting to buy.

Question 9: King Philip the Fair of France, 1285–1314, instituted a .4% commercial ________ on all goods.
ExciseTaxIncome taxTax haven

Question 10: The pecia system was developed in Italian university cities by the beginning of the thirteenth century and became a regulated procedure at the ________ in the second half of the century.
University of Paris 1 Pantheon-SorbonneUniversity of ParisUniversity of HeidelbergMedieval university


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