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Question 1: Manuscripts were produced on vellum and other parchments, on papyrus, and on ________.
PapermakingPulp (paper)PaperFourdrinier machine

Question 2: An average manuscript page in 12 point ________ will contain about 23 lines of type per page and about 13 words per line, or 300 words per manuscript page.
Sans-serifTimes RomanTypefaceArial

Question 3: ________ = 1,300 (including papyri)
Douglas A. Warner IIIJPMorgan ChaseJ. P. MorganGeorge Peabody

Question 4: In ________ and academic contexts, a "manuscript" is the text submitted to the publisher or printer in preparation for publication, usually as a typescript prepared on a typewriter, or today, a printout from a PC, prepared in manuscript format.
Mass mediaPublishingProofreadingEditing

Question 5: In the ________, for example, as early as 900, specimen documents were not inscribed by stylus, but were punched much like the style of today's dot-matrix printers.
United StatesPapua New GuineaEast TimorPhilippines

Question 6: In the context of library science, a manuscript is defined as any hand-written item in the collections of a library or an ________; for example, a library's collection of the letters or a diary that some historical personage wrote.

Question 7: In ________, in the first millennium, documents of sufficiently great importance were inscribed on soft metallic sheets such as copperplate, softened by refiner's fire and inscribed with a metal stylus.
PhilippinesMalaysiaSingaporeSoutheast Asia

Question 8: Manuscripts in Tocharian languages, written on palm leaves, survived in desert burials in the ________ of Central Asia.
Silk RoadTarim BasinTaklamakan DesertXinjiang

Question 9: In ________, the kammavaca, buddhist manuscripts, were inscribed on brass, copper or ivory sheets, and even on discarded monk robes folded and lacquered.

Question 10: Private or government documents remained hand-written until the invention of the ________ in the late nineteenth century.
IBM Selectric typewriterBlickensderfer typewriterE. Remington and SonsTypewriter


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