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Question 1: (In this light, the peculium becomes an early example of a "sinking fund".) Manumission contracts found in some abundance at ________ specify in detail the prerequisites for liberation.
EpidaurusDelphiOlympia, GreeceAthens

Question 2: A highly successful freedman could become an advisor to the emperor himself, a tradition started by ________ and fostered by his successors.
AugustusRoman EmperorDomitianTiberius

Question 3: Greek slaves generally became ________ upon being manumitted.
MeticClassical AthensAthenian democracyAncient Greece

Question 4: Freedman could not follow the Roman political career or ________; however, they could become a wealthy tradesman or a member of the priesthood of the emperor - a highly respected position.
PraetorRoman consulAncient RomeCursus honorum

Question 5: The Qur'an and ________, the primary Islamic texts, make it a praiseworthy act for masters to set their slaves free.
ShariaIslamic schools and branchesHadithSunni Islam

Question 6: One way is through expiation for certain sins committed by the master, such as involuntary ________ or perjury.
Misdemeanor murderNegligent homicideFelony murder ruleManslaughter

Question 7: The motivations of ________ owners in manumitting slaves were complex.
AntisemitismSlaveryRacismUniversal suffrage

Question 8: Continuing duties specified for freed slaves in manumission agreements became more common into the ________ era, but it might be that these were customary earlier.
Alexander the GreatAncient GreeceHellenistic periodHellenistic civilization

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