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Manuel L. Quezon: Quiz


Question 1: His body was later carried by the USS Princeton and re-interred in ________ at the Manila North Cemetery before being moved to Quezon City within the monument at the Quezon Memorial Circle.
Valenzuela CityMetro ManilaManilaPhilippines

Question 2: ________ - 179,349 (17.54%)
Mariano TríasAndrés BonifacioPhilippine–American WarEmilio Aguinaldo

Question 3: From 1909–1916, he served as one of the Philippines' two resident commissioners to the ________, lobbying for the passage of the Philippine Autonomy Act or Jones Law.
United States House of RepresentativesUnited States CongressState governments of the United StatesUnited States Senate

Question 4: He appears on a commemorative One Peso coin along with ________.
Henry L. StimsonDwight F. DavisFrank MurphyWilliam Howard Taft

Question 5: ________ 1935–1936
Teofisto Guingona, Jr.Claro M. RectoArturo TolentinoJosé P. Laurel

Question 6: President Quezon was given the power under the reorganization act, to appoint the first all-Filipino ________ in 1935.
Supreme Court of the PhilippinesCities of the PhilippinesForeign relations of the PhilippinesPolitics of the Philippines

Question 7: There, he served as a member of the Pacific War Council, signed the declaration of the United Nations against the ________, and wrote his autobiography (Good Fight, 1946).
Nazi GermanyItalian Social RepublicAxis powersIon Antonescu

Question 8: Quezon was also instrumental in promoting a project to resettle the refugees in ________.
Autonomous Region in Muslim MindanaoManilaPhilippinesMindanao

Question 9: President Quezon initiated Women's Suffrage in the ________ during the Commonwealth Era[2].
Papua New GuineaPhilippinesUnited StatesEast Timor

Question 10: During the ________ he was an ayuda-de-campo to Emilio Aguinaldo.
Philippine RevolutionMoro RebellionPhilippine–American WarSpanish–American War

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