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Manuel II Palaiologos: Quiz


Question 1: ________, Byzantine emperor 1448-1453
Constantine XI PalaiologosJohn VIII PalaiologosManuel II PalaiologosMichael VIII Palaiologos

Question 2: Manuel II Palaiologos used this period of respite to bolster the defences of the Despotate of Morea, where the Byzantine Empire was actually expanding at the expense of the remnants of the ________.
Fourth CrusadeLatin EmpireByzantine navyByzantium under the Palaiologoi

Question 3: Manuel II Palaiologos or Palaeologus (Greek: Μανουήλ Β΄ Παλαιολόγος, Manouēl II Palaiologos) (27 June 1350 – 21 July 1425) was ________ from 1391 to 1425.
Roman EmperorList of Byzantine emperorsConcise list of Roman EmperorsList of Roman Emperors

Question 4: In 1376–1379 and again in 1390 they were supplanted by Andronikos IV and then his son John VII, but Manuel personally defeated his nephew with help from the ________ in 1390.
ItalyHistory of ItalyRepublic of VeniceHistory of the Republic of Venice

Question 5: Created despotēs by his father, the future Manuel II traveled west to seek support for the ________ in 1365 and in 1370, serving as governor in Thessalonica from 1369.
Western Roman EmpireByzantine IconoclasmRoman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 6: Here Manuel supervised the building of the Hexamilion wall (six-mile wall) across the Isthmus of Corinth, intended to defend the ________ from the Ottomans.

Question 7: Manuel II was the author of numerous works of varied character, including letters, poems, a Saint's Life, treatises on theology and ________, and an epitaph for his brother Theodore I Palaiologos.


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