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Question 1: On March 8, 1966 he dispelled fears of a nuclear accident after the ________ by swimming in the contaminated water with the American ambassador, Angier Biddle Duke.
1966 Palomares B-52 crashThule Air BaseB-52 Stratofortress1968 Thule Air Base B-52 crash

Question 2: Fraga's career as one of the key political figures in Spain straddles both General ________'s dictatorial regime and the subsequent democracy.
José María AznarSpanish StateJosé Luis Rodríguez ZapateroFrancisco Franco

Question 3: Trained in law, ________ and political science, he began his political career in 1945, during Francisco Franco's authoritarian dictatorship.
Keynesian economicsHeterodox economicsEconomicsMoney

Question 4: Fraga was one of the writers of the new Spanish ________ approved in 1978.
ConstitutionLawUnited KingdomDemocracy

Question 5: He is one of the few Honoris Causa Doctors of the ________ of the University of Lisbon.
LawyerCommon lawLegal educationLegal systems of the world

Question 6: Despite their political differences, he maintains a friendship with ________, himself of Galician descent.
Gerald FordFidel CastroJoseph StalinJimmy Carter

Question 7: [1] He also introduced an a posteriori ________ law, which was based on lifting pre-publication censorship and a reduction in its strictness.
CensorshipEuphemismInternet censorshipPolitical censorship

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