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Question 1: On October 29, 1948, he led a successful military ________ against the government and took over as president.
Chemical warfareCoup d'étatWarSiege

Question 2: In 1948, Odría and other ________ elements urged Bustamante to ban APRA.
Left-wing politicsConservatismPolitical spectrumRight-wing politics

Question 3: Manuel Arturo Odría Amoretti (November 26, 1897 – February 18, 1974) was the President of ________ from 1948 to 1956.

Question 4: He joined the army and as a lieutenant-colonel was a war hero in the 1941 ________.
Attacks on North America during World War IIEcuadorian–Peruvian WarEastern Front (World War II)Pacific War

Question 5: Manuel Odría was born in 1897 in Tarma, a city in the central ________ just east of Lima.
Gran ChacoGeographyPhysical geographyAndes


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