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Question 1: Since the late 1980s or early 1990s, a 5-speed column shifter has been made in some vans sold in Asia and Europe, such as ________ and Mitsubishi L400.
Toyota CelicaToyota CoronaToyota HiaceToyota Crown

Question 2: The friction material, such as ________, in synchronizers is more prone to wear and breakage than gears, which are forged steel, and the simplicity of the mechanism improves reliability and reduces cost.

Question 3:
When was the Manual transmission?
January 2010
December 2009
December 2008

Question 4: Some cars, such as rental cars and taxis, are nearly universally equipped with automatic transmissions in countries such as the US, but the opposite is true in ________.
BalkansEuropeWestern EuropeEastern Europe

Question 5: ________ that allow the driver to manually select the current gear are called Manumatics.
Transmission (mechanics)Direct-Shift GearboxDual clutch transmissionAutomatic transmission

Question 6: Some new transmissions (________'s Selespeed gearbox and BMW's Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG) for example) are conventional manual transmissions with a computerized control mechanism.
MaseratiFerrariAlfa RomeoLancia

Question 7: However, the column manual shifter disappeared in North America by the mid 1980s, last appearing in the 1986 ________.
Ford ExpeditionFord ExplorerFord BroncoFord F-Series

Question 8: Since few heavy-duty transmissions have synchromesh, ________ are commonly used instead, despite their increased weight, cost, and loss of efficiency.
Transmission (mechanics)Dual clutch transmissionAutomatic transmissionDirect-Shift Gearbox

Question 9: Heavy trucks are usually powered with ________.
Diesel engineInternal combustion engineHot bulb engineTwo-stroke engine

Question 10: In many modern examples, these controls are attached to sensors which instruct a transmission computer to perform a shift—many of these systems can be switched into an automatic mode, where the computer controls the timing of shifts, much like an ________.
Dual clutch transmissionAutomatic transmissionTransmission (mechanics)Direct-Shift Gearbox


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