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Question 1: Beginning with the ________, though, the introduction of reliable machinery further lowered the status of labourers.
Textile manufacture during the Industrial RevolutionThomas HighsWilliam RadcliffeIndustrial Revolution

Question 2: Ali Khan analyses how the Greeks, ________, the English, and the Americans created sophisticated social structures to outsource manual labour to distinct classes, castes, and races.

Question 3: a custodial sentence during which the convict is not only confined but also put to manual work; such work may be productive, as on a prison farm, or intrinsically senseless, as with a ________, the only purpose being the effect of the punishment on the convict.

Question 4: The reduction in status led to the worldwide ________ of the 19th and early 20th centuries, leading to the formation of trade unions.
Labour lawAustralian labour movementLabour movementAnarcho-syndicalism

Question 5: The phrase ________ has even become a legal euphemism for penal labour, i.e.
Penal labourSlaveryUnfree labourHuman trafficking

Question 6: However, certain ________ labourers were seen as artisans, well-paid and could aspire to become influential citizens, especially via professional corporations.


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