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Question 1: These obligations could be payable in several ways, in labor (the French term corvée is conventionally applied), in kind, or, on rare occasions, in ________.
GoldAncient Greek coinageCurrencyCoin

Question 2: Like ________ which, together with manorialism, formed the legal and organizational framework of feudal society, manorial structures were not uniform.

Question 3: Seigneurial system of New France in 17th century ________
BarbadosUnited KingdomCanadaUnited States

Question 4: Laws of ________ around 325 both reinforced the negative semi-servile status of the coloni and limited their rights to sue in the courts.
DiocletianMaximianConstantine IMaxentius

Question 5: Patroon (17th century ________)
New Netherland settlementsNew NetherlandNew AmsterdamNew Netherlander

Question 6: It could be self-sufficient, yield produce for the market, or it could yield a money rent."[2] The last feudal dues in France were abolished at the ________.
National ConventionFrench RevolutionNational Constituent AssemblyFrench Directory

Question 7: Antecedents of the system can be traced to the rural economy of the later ________.
Roman EmpireRoman RepublicByzantine EmpireWestern Roman Empire

Question 8: ________ manors tended to be larger, with a significantly greater villein area than neighbouring lay manors.
Christian theologyChristologyEcclesiologyBiblical canon

Question 9: It outlasted serfdom as it outlasted feudalism: "primarily an an economic organization, it could maintain a warrior, but it could equally well maintain a ________ landlord.
CapitalismLaissez-faireKeynesian economicsAnarcho-capitalism

Question 10: The process of rural self-sufficiency was given an abrupt boost in the eighth century, when normal trade in the ________ was disrupted.
Pacific OceanIndian OceanMediterranean SeaAtlantic Ocean


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