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Question 1: ________, a student of Correggio, and Giulio Romano, Raphael’s head assistant were moving in similarly stylized aesthetic directions in Rome.
ItalyMarcantonio RaimondiFlorenceParmigianino

Question 2: Mannerism as a stylistic category is less frequently applied to English visual and decorative arts, where local categories such as "________" and "Jacobean" are more common.
Caroline eraEnglish ReformationElizabethan eraTudor period

Question 3: The witty sally of a Baroque writer, ________, against the verse of Donne in the previous generation, affords a concise contrast between Baroque and Mannerist aims in the arts:
TheseusJohn DrydenDemosthenesPlutarch

Question 4: [1] Stylistically, Mannerism encompasses a variety of approaches influenced by, and reacting to, the harmonious ideals and restrained naturalism associated with artists such as ________, Raphael, and early Michelangelo.
Italian Renaissance paintingLeonardo da VinciMona LisaLeonardo da Vinci's personal life

Question 5: A number of the earliest Mannerist artists who had been working in Rome during the 1520s fled the city after the ________ in 1527.
Siege of Florence (1529–1530)War of the League of CognacPope Clement VIISack of Rome (1527)

Question 6: At this time Raphael was also busy painting the ________, various altarpieces, painting versions of Madonna and child and being the principal architect in Rome after the death of Bramante which gave him little time to do “The Transfiguration”.
Raphael RoomsPope Alexander VIPope Julius IICardinal and Theological Virtues (Raphael)

Question 7: His varied Ignudi painted in distinctive positions on the ________ could have been influenced by the "Belvedere Torso” and which influenced other painters.
St. Peter's BasilicaDavid (Michelangelo)MichelangeloSistine Chapel ceiling

Question 8: Venetian painting, in its separate "school," pursued a separate course, represented in the long career of ________.

Question 9: Jacopo Tintoretto's Last Supper (at right) epitomizes Mannerism by taking ________ and the table out of the middle of the room.
JesusGospelNew TestamentNew Testament view on Jesus' life

Question 10: In sickly, disorienting colors he painted a scene of confusion that somehow separated the ________ from the real world.
Michael (archangel)AngelJesusArchangel


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