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Question 1: ^ β: In 1453, Mani's population grew drastically as a plethora of refugees arrived from other parts of Greece, after the ________.
Byzantine EmpireFall of ConstantinopleIstanbulOttoman Empire

Question 2: The Koinon remained semi-independent until the provincial reforms of Roman Emperor ________ in 297.
MaximianDiocletianConstantine IGalerius

Question 3: During 1833, Otto von Wittelsbach, a son of Ludwig I of Bavaria and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, became King of Greece after he was appointed by the ________.
Historical powersMiddle powerGreat powerSuperpower

Question 4: [51] From Kalamata, Mavromichalis wrote letters to the states of ________, informing them of what the Greeks were doing.
Western EuropeEastern EuropeBalkansEurope

Question 5: [1] Under the Mycenaeans, Mani flourished and a temple dedicated to the Greek god ________ was built at Cape Tenaron.
ArtemisHeraApolloGreek mythology

Question 6: [79] Maniots mainly believe in witches, ________, vampires, and ghosts.
DemonologyChristian demonologyUnclean spiritDemon

Question 7: There is a description of Mani and its inhabitants in ________'s De Administrando Imperio:
Romanos ILeo VI the WiseConstantine VIINikephoros II

Question 8: [17] According to Greenhalgh and Eliopoulos, the Eurasian Avars (along with the ________) attacked and occupied most of the western Peloponnese in 590.
Slavic peoplesSerbsSouth SlavsSlavic languages

Question 9: The participation of troops from Mani in these wars under ________, created strong royalist feelings amongst Maniots.
George II of GreeceAlexander of Greece (king)Constantine I of GreeceGeorge I of Greece

Question 10: [16] Decades later the famed Byzantine general ________, on the way to his victorious campaign against the Vandals, stopped at Kenipolis to get supplies, honor the Kenipolitans for their victory, and recruit some soldiers.
Justinian IBelisariusGothic War (535–554)Byzantine Empire

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