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Mangla Dam: Quiz


Question 1: [1] It was built from 1961 to 1967 with funding from the ________.
International Monetary FundBretton Woods systemWorld Bank GroupWorld Bank

Question 2: Mangla Dam is approx 67 miles (100 km) south-east of the Pakistani capital, ________ while Tarbela Dam is 60 miles (100 km) northwest.

Question 3: The Mangla Dam (Urdu: منگلا بند) located in ________, is the twelfth largest dam in the world.
Mirpur, Azad KashmirMirpur DistrictKotli DistrictBagh District

Question 4: The dam was damaged due to an ________ raid during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.
Lok SabhaResearch and Analysis WingIndian Peace Keeping ForceIndian Air Force

Question 5: It was constructed in 1967 across the Jhelum River, about 67 miles (100 km) south-east of the Pakistani capital, ________ in Mirpur district of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

Question 6: Until 1967, the entire irrigation system of ________ was fully dependent on unregulated flows of the Indus and its major tributaries.

Question 7: The main structures of the dam include 4 embankment dams, 2 spillways, 5 power-cum-irrigation tunnels and a 1,000 MW ________.
HydroelectricityPower stationNuclear powerElectricity generation


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