Mangalorean Catholics: Quiz

Question 1: Rodrigues, Konknni Yuvak (Konkani Youth) (1949) by ________, Poinnari (Traveller) (1950) by V.J.P. Saldanha[146], and Divo (Lamp) (1995) by J.B.
Indira GandhiAtal Bihari VajpayeeBharatiya Janata PartyGeorge Fernandes

Question 2: Also a betel nut known as known as tobak or dumti (________) was prepared and placed on the brass plate.
TobaccoNicotianaTobacco productsTobacco smoking

Question 3: [183] The mass was celebrated in Latin; but the sermon, the ________, and the explication of the mysteries were delivered to the congregation in Konkani.
Protestant ReformationCatholicismRoman Catholic theologyCatechism

Question 4: [20] About 7,000 of them (mostly ________) fled Goa.
Chitrapur Saraswat BrahminRajapur Saraswat BrahminsGoud Saraswat BrahminDaivadnya

Question 5: After migration, the skilled ________ agriculturists were offered various land grants by the native Bednore rulers of South Canara.
Goan CatholicsKarwari CatholicsCatholic Church by countryMangalorean Catholics

Question 6: ________ Procession (Evkaristic Purshanv in Konkani) is an annual religious procession led by the Bishop of Mangalore from Milagres Church to Rosario Cathedral.
Eucharistic theologyEucharistTransubstantiationSacramental bread

Question 7: [80] Many Mangalorean Catholics are found in Persian Gulf Arab states in the ________.
Western AsiaAsiaIranMiddle East

Question 8: Forrest, George W. (1887), Selections from the Letters, Despatches, and Other State Papers Preserved in the Bombay Secretariat, 2, ________: Government Central Press, .
Salsette IslandNariman PointMumbaiNavi Mumbai

Question 9: [1] Many Mangalorean Catholics live in Bombay and ________.
BangaloreKrishnarajapuraBugle RockBengaluru Pete

Question 10: In the United Kingdom, Mangalorean United Konkani Association (MUKA) in ________ is popular.

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