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Question 1: Most full-fledged mangaka started out as assistants, such as Miwa Ueda to Naoko Takeuchi, ________ to Osamu Tezuka,Kaoru Shintani to Leiji Matsumoto and many others.
Leiji MatsumotoFinal YamatoGalaxy Express 999Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato

Question 2: (漫画家) The Manga corresponds to the medium of art the artist uses: comics, or Japanese comics, depending on how the term is used inside or outside of ________.
CambodiaUnited KingdomCanadaJapan

Question 3: The word can be broken down into two parts: ________ and ka.
MangaManga outside JapanShōjo mangaYaoi

Question 4: Mangakas use a different variety of pens and pencils to draw manga pages of "names" (rough drafts) and also ________.
ManuscriptPapyrusManuscript cultureBook

Question 5: For example, ________, author of Sailor Moon, who won such a contest sponsored by Kodansha, and Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy started out without being an assistant.
Sailor UranusNaoko TakeuchiSailor MarsSailor Moon (character)

Question 6: Outside of ________, manga usually refers to a Japanese comic book and mangaka refers to the author of the manga, who is usually Japanese.
CambodiaUnited KingdomCanadaJapan

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