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  • according to Ramayana adaptations, Mandodari – the wife of the ten-headed demon Ravana – was the mother of Sita, whose kidnapping by Ravana would lead to his doom?

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Question 1: She was the mother of Indrajit, who earned the name after defeating ________, the King of the Devas.

Question 2: She is best known as the Queen Consort of ________, the son of Rishi Vishrava and the demonic King of Lanka.

Question 3: In ________, Mandodari (Sanskrit: मंदोदरी) was the beautiful and pious daughter of the King of Danavas, Mayasura and the celestial dancer, Apsara Hema.
AyyavazhiBuddhismHinduismIndian religions

Question 4: She is one of the Pancha Kanyas in Hindu mythology, the others being Ahalya, ________, Sita and Tara.


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