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Question 1: The Manchu area was still separated from modern-day ________ by the Outer Willow Palisade, which kept the Manchu and the Mongols in the area separate.
Inner MongoliaManzhouliWuchuan County, Inner MongoliaEvenk Autonomous Banner

Question 2: In 1616, Nurhaci declared himself a Khan, and founded the Later Jin Dynasty (which his successors renamed in 1636 to ________).
ChinaQing DynastyMing DynastyYuan Dynasty

Question 3: [16] The Mongols eagerly adopted new ________ and technologies.
Naval warfareMilitary historySiegeArtillery

Question 4: [6] Except in the far north near the ________, high humidity causes major discomfort at this time of year.
SakhalinNivkhsAmur RiverHeilongjiang

Question 5: As such, other provinces in the northeastern part of China (such as ________) are not considered to be a part of "the Northeast".
Beidaihe DistrictHebeiWuqiao CountyShanhaiguan

Question 6: The region is also the home of the ________, after whom Manchuria is named.
ManchuHan ChineseUyghur peopleXibe

Question 7: [3] Soils are mostly fertile Mollisols and Fluvents, except in the more mountainous parts where they are poorly developed Orthents, as well as the extreme north where ________ occurs and Orthels dominate.
Active layerPalsaTundraPermafrost

Question 8: The North China Craton was an independent continent prior to the Triassic period, and is known to have been the northernmost piece of land in the world during the ________.
OrdovicianCarboniferousDevonianGeologic time scale

Question 9: The Great Khan Kublai renamed his empire "________" in 1271, instead of the old title-"Ikh Mongol Uls".
Mongol EmpireYuan DynastyGolden HordeChagatai Khanate

Question 10: 1432, commanded by the eunuch ________ down the Sungari and the Amur all the way to the mouth of the Amur, getting the chieftains of the local tribes to swear allegiance to the Ming rulers.
Ming DynastyManchuriaYishihaYongle Emperor


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