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Question 1:
What is Manchukuo's current status?
Incarcerated in Horseru00F8d State Prison
Imperial Client state
Puppet state of Japan

Question 2:
What era did Manchukuo belong to?
World War I and World War II
Second World War
Interbellum, early World War II
World War II

Question 3: What does the following picture show?

  Propaganda poster promoting harmony between Japanese, Chinese, and Manchu. The caption says (Right to left): "With the cooperation of Japan, China, and Manchukuo, the world can be in peace."
  Poppy harvest in Manchukuo
  Poppy harvest in Manchukuo
  Foreign recognition of Manchukuo

Question 4:
Who of the following was a deputy to Manchukuo?

Question 5:
What is the capital of Manchukuo?

Question 6:
What is the native name for Manchukuo
Manchu State
Cincinnati State
Dharampur state
Independent State of Samoa

Question 7: In 1931, the region was seized by Japan following the ________ and in 1932, a puppet government was created, with Puyi, the last Qing emperor, installed as the nominal regent and emperor.
Mukden IncidentSecond Sino-Japanese WarChinchow OperationMarco Polo Bridge Incident

Question 8: These numbers included 29,510,000 ________, 590,760 Japanese, 680,000 Koreans, and 98,431 of other nationality White Russians, Mongols, etc.
Zhonghua minzuReligion in ChinaHan ChineseChina

Question 9:
What region does Manchukuo belong to?
Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia
Central, East, and Southern Africa
Pogesania, East Prussia
East Asia

Question 10: ________ (405,000 or 661,948 in 1940)


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