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Question 1: In a ________ style, the manager allows the employees to take part in decision-making: therefore everything is agreed by the majority.
John LockeGottfried LeibnizDemocracyAuthoritarianism

Question 2: This leads to a lack of staff focus and sense of direction, which in turn leads to much dissatisfaction, and a poor ________.
Public relationsMedia biasCitizen journalismBlog

Question 3: A more ________ form is also essentially dictatorial, however the decisions tend to be in the best interests of the employees rather than the business.
Political philosophyPaternalismImmanuel KantGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Question 4: A good example of this would be ________ or Michael Scott running the business in the fictional television show The Office.
The Office (UK TV series)Ricky GervaisDavid BrentGareth Keenan

Question 5: Management styles can be employed dependent on the ________ of the business, the nature of the task, the nature of the workforce and the personality and skills of the leaders.
FamilyHuman rightsSlaveryCulture

Question 6: In a ________ leadership style, the leader's role is peripheral and staff manage their own areas of the business; the leader therefore evades the duties of management and uncoordinated delegation occurs.
CapitalismAnarcho-capitalismLaissez-faireKeynesian economics


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