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Question 1: [98][99][100][101] Famitsu rated Legend of Mana at 31/40 and ________ at 32/40.
Secret of ManaSword of ManaHeroes of ManaChildren of Mana

Question 2: In 1991, Square reused the Seiken Densetsu trademark for an unrelated ________ action role-playing game directed by Koichi Ishii.
Game Boy lineGame Boy AdvanceGame BoyGame Boy Color

Question 3:
Which of the following genres does Mana (series) produce?

Question 4:
What company publishes Mana (series)?
Square Enix
Walker and Company
George Arwady

Question 5: The Rabite has become a sort of mascot for the Mana series, much the same way as the ________ represents Final Fantasy, and is one of its most recognizable icons.
Mana (series)Chocobo (series)ChocoboFinal Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

Question 6:
Which of the following titles did Mana (series) have?
Cleveland Browns first round draft pick
Is This Thing On?
English National Rugby Union Captain

Question 7: According to early advertisements, the game would consist of an unprecedented five ________, making it one of the largest titles developed for the Famicom up until that point.
File Allocation TableFloppy diskUSB flash driveHard disk drive

Question 8: The Mana series, known in ________ as Seiken Densetsu (聖剣伝説?, lit.
JapanUnited KingdomCanadaCambodia

Question 9: ________'s score was composed by Yōko Shimomura, and of all her compositions, she considers it the one that best expresses herself.
Sword of ManaSecret of ManaLegend of ManaMana (series)

Question 10: Square trademarked the title Seiken Densetsu: The Emergence of Excalibur in 1987, intending to use it for a game project led by Kazuhiko Aoki for the ________.
Color TV GameNintendo Entertainment System (Model NES-101)Family Computer Disk SystemSuper Nintendo Entertainment System (Redesigned Model SNS-101)

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