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Man-Thing: Quiz


Question 1: Man-Thing breaks into A.I.M.'s base, and immolates a terrified Allen, then, after beckoning his friends to leave, sets the base to self-destruct, his friends believing he is committing ________.
Death and cultureSuicideCremationEuthanasia

Question 2:
Who played Mike Ploog the movie Man-Thing?
Matthew Le Nevez
Robert Mammone
Jack Thompson
Alex O'Loughlin

Question 3: ________ #3 (May 1994) Neil Hansen
Beavis and Butt-headHeavy metal musicRock musicMTV

Question 4: [41] At one point Man-Thing first encountered the Thing; both were briefly restored to their human forms by a duplicate of the ________ who thought he was the latter's son.
Molecule ManStan LeeCivil War (comics)Beyonder

Question 5: [99] He and ________ were able to revive Punisher as a Frankenstein-like monster called FrankenCastle.
Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)Morbius, the Living VampireStan LeeRichard and Mary Parker

Question 6: In Daredevil #108, Gerber introduced Foggy Nelson's sister Candace, who was being harassed over research she was doing at ________.
Spider-ManMan-ThingEmpire State UniversityStan Lee

Question 7:
What powers does Man-Thing have?
Ability to secrete a powerful corrosive chemical agent and a counter agent.
enhanced senses and physical abilities, secretes neurotoxin in saliva
The ability to transmute chemical elements.
genius, exhibits forgetfulness due to chemical imbalance

Question 8: [82] The third was held by Cleito, wife of Poseidon, and ________ intervened, as her tomb was sacred to all Atlanteans and he would not allow its desecration.
NamorStan LeeWolverine (comics)Jack Kirby

Question 9:
Who played Pete Horn the movie Man-Thing?
Matthew Le Nevez
Jack Thompson
Rawiri Paratene
Rawiri Paratene

Question 10:
What role did William Zappa play in the movie Man-Thing?
Frederic Schist
Deputy Eric Fraser
Steve Gerber
Sheriff Kyle Williams

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