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Mammary gland: Quiz


Question 1:
How do you write Mammary gland in latin?
isthmus glandulae thyroideae
glandula lacrimalis
glandula mammaria
glandula submandibularis

Question 2: [10] Whereas, laminin-1 interacts with non-integrin receptor dystroglycan negatively regulates this side branching process in case of ________.

Question 3: The myoepithelial cells can contract under the stimulation of ________ thereby excreting milk secreted from alveolar units into the lobule lumen toward the nipple, where it collects in sinuses of the ducts.

Question 4: [11] These complex "________" balancing crosstalks between mammary ECM and epithelial cells "instruct" healthy mammary gland development until adult.
Guan YuYin and yangQiTaiji

Question 5: Secondary duct tree development occurs in females in response to circulating ovarian hormones from ________.
Sexual differentiationPregnancyPrenatal developmentPuberty

Question 6: True secretory alveoli only develop in pregnancy, when rising levels of estrogen and progesterone cause further branching, together with an increase in ________ and a richer blood flow.
CollagenAdipose tissueAdipocyteBrown adipose tissue

Question 7: [4] Basement membrane, mainly containing laminin and ________, formed thereafter by defferentiated myoepithelial cells keeps the polarity of this primary duct tree.
CollagenCollagen, type I, alpha 1KeratinLysyl hydroxylase

Question 8: The ________ has 13, one of the few mammals with an odd number.
Virginia OpossumWater OpossumAndean White-eared OpossumBrown Four-eyed Opossum

Question 9: The nipples and glands can occur anywhere along the two milk lines, two roughly-parallel lines along the ________ aspect of the body.
EarAnatomical terms of locationAnatomyDigestion

Question 10: Humans normally have two complex mammary glands, one in each ________, and each complex mammary gland consists of 10–20 simple glands.
RectumPenisFemale ejaculationBreast

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