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Mammalian diving reflex: Quiz


Question 1: Diving birds, such as ________, have a similar diving reflex.

Question 2: It is exhibited strongly in aquatic mammals (seals,[1] otters, ________, etc.), but exists in a weaker version in other mammals, including humans.
Toothed whaleCetaceaDolphinBottlenose dolphin

Question 3: Immediately upon facial contact with cold water, the human ________ slows down ten to twenty-five percent.
Circulatory systemHeart ratePulseBlood pressure

Question 4: Human musculature accounts for only 12% of the body's total oxygen storage, and the body's muscles tend to suffer ________ during this phase.
Restless legs syndromeFasciculationICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findingsCramp

Question 5: The exact mechanism for this effect has been debated and may be a result of brain cooling similar to the protective effects seen in patients treated with deep ________.
Decompression sicknessHypothermiaAltitude sicknessHyperthermia

Question 6: The mammalian diving reflex optimizes respiration which allows ________ to stay underwater for a long time.
Even-toed ungulateMammal classificationMammalPrimate

Question 7: When under high pressure induced by deep diving, ________ in the extremities start closing off, stopping blood circulation to those areas.
Circulatory systemCapillaryHeartArtery


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