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Question 1: What does the following picture show?

  American Lion was one of the abundant Pleistocene megafauna, a wide variety of very large mammals that lived during the Pleistocene and went extinct about 10,000 years ago.[24]
  Over 70% of mammal species are in the orders Rodentia (blue), Chiroptera (red), and Soricomorpha (yellow)

Question 2:
What is the subphylum of Mammal?

Question 3:
What period does the fossils of the Mammal come from?
Late Triassic u2013 Recent,
Thanetian to Present
Early Pleistocene to Recent
Pleistocene u2013 Recent

Question 4:
What phylum does Mammal belong to?

Question 5: The authors work together as paleontologists at the ________, New York.
New York CityAmerican Museum of Natural HistoryDinosaurManhattan

Question 6: Although mammals and other animals have ________ that superficially may resemble it, no other animals except mammals have hair.

Question 7: The only large insectivorous mammals are those that feed on huge colonies of insects (________ or termites).

Question 8: Grandorder Archonta: ________, primates, colugos, and treeshrews
Even-toed ungulateOpossumMammalBat

Question 9: The lungs of mammals have a spongy texture and are honeycombed with ________ having a much larger surface area in total than the outer surface area of the lung itself.
EpitheliumHistologyMicrovillusStratified squamous epithelium

Question 10:

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