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Question 1: ________ (1802–1807) Son of Umar
Ali PashaAthanasios DiakosSouliotesRigas Feraios

Question 2: The Egyptian troops retreated at first, spurring the sultan to hang more than 50 commanders as ________.
DesertionCanada and Iraq War resistersConscientious objectorUnited States armed forces

Question 3: Officers of the United States Marine Corps carry a ceremonial Mameluke Sword, and Mamluke swords are used by ________ in festivals.
United States Army AfricaUnited States Army Installation Management CommandUnited States armed forcesUnited States Army

Question 4: The Russian ambassador in ________ categorically refused to mediate because the Russian government was afraid of allowing Mamluks to return to Georgia, where a strong national liberation movement was on the rise which might have been encouraged by a Mamluk return.
AnkaraIstanbulTurkish peopleTurkey

Question 5: 1501 ________
Ottoman EmpireJeddahAl-Ashraf Qansuh al-GhawriSyria

Question 6: Mamluks fought well at the ________ on 2 December 1805, and the regiment was granted a standard and its roster increased to accommodate a standard-bearer and a trumpet.
Battle of AusterlitzUlm CampaignBattle of DürensteinWar of the Third Coalition

Question 7: The Mamluk Sultanate survived until 1517, when it was conquered by the ________.
TurkeyOttoman EmpireIstanbulTurkish people

Question 8: 1250 ________ (al-Salih Ayyub's Widow de facto ruler of Egypt)
Shajar al-DurrQutuzAyyubid dynastyAybak

Question 9: Near the Al-Azab gates, in a narrow road down from Mukatam Hill, Muhammad Ali's forces ambushed and killed almost all in what came to be known as the ________.
Muhammad Ali of EgyptIsma'il PashaIbrahim Pasha of EgyptAbbas I of Egypt

Question 10: In June 1249, the Seventh Crusade under Louis IX of France landed in Egypt and took ________.
El Mansoura, EgyptAlexandriaCairoDamietta

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