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Maltby, South Yorkshire: Quiz


Question 1: Maltby is also responsible for Graham Mullins, the World's Strongest Man competitor, who also appeared in Hollywood movies ________ and Tristan & Isolde (film).
Ancient RomeRoman EmpireGladiatorAugustus

Question 2: The town once had the tallest twins in Britain, Jonathan and Mark Carratt, who earned a mention in the 1980 ________.
Guinness World RecordsMotorcycle land speed recordLand speed recordWorld record

Question 3: Bill Waddington, who played Percy Sugden (again a ________ character), married the sister of the Chuckle Brothers and died in a retirement home in the centre of the town.
WeatherfieldCoronation Street VHS and DVD releasesCoronation StreetCoronation Street timeline

Question 4: Maltby used to be the home to the ________ and famous cricketer Fred Trueman was educated at Maltby Hall School.
ChuckleVisionEnglandChuckle BrothersThe Patton Brothers

Question 5: There is a historic feature just outside of Maltby called ________, which was ruined during the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the reign of Henry VIII.
LevettWilliam Levett (baron)Roche AbbeyHooton Levitt

Question 6: Maltby has a large Roman Catholic congregation, predominantly first or second generation Irish immigrants, many of whom were navvies and "sunk" Maltby Colliery in the early ________.
19th century20th century21st century20th century events

Question 7: Since the discovery of coal in the area in the late ________, however, the population of Maltby has risen from around 500 at the turn of the 19th century to about 17,980 by the 2007 census.
Eugène Delacroix18th century19th centuryRomanticism

Question 8: Maltby's main ________ stock went into serious disrepair during the 1980s with areas like "White City" becoming near-slum dwellings.
LeedsBirminghamCouncil houseWolverhampton

Question 9: Maltby is mentioned in the ________ as "by-malt", and was for centuries a very small village with the benefits of a fairly large stream nearby and very rich land for farming available.
EnglandYorkshireDomesday BookSurrey

Question 10: A riot occurred when thousands of miners picketed the ________ as agency workers were bused into the mine (see BBC News item).
CoalUnited StatesCoal miningCoal producing regions

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